Thursday, December 15, 2011

Utriculata gibba

This plant is a pest I try to avoid at all costs from enentering my tanks. Well it has recently infested my pond, I've been trying to remove it but I'm afraid to say it has one, I will never be able to remove it now. Since I don't really see the unatractive bladders and only the flowers I guess I can live with it. I took this photo of it yesterday.
To ensure this doesn't enter my tanks I don't get plants from tanks I can see it in and I go over all new arrivals to ensure it isn't hiding in there. I have had a number of scares with this plant but it has only ever been a strand ot two.
I find the flowers highly atractive though, I am considering starting a collection of these guys. Utriculata gramiflora is a highly desired relative of U. gibba, it makes a lush foreground plant with the traps remaining under the substrate.

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